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Master Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Class

Our Master Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Class is ideal for someone who has already mastered the classic eyelash extensions or volume eyelash extension technique and wants to expand their skills and feels comfortable doing so. Master Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions may not be appealing to everyone but for those who love it, they are always on the hunt for the best technician available. This style of lashes is more expensive, long lasting and can look amazing when done right. After completing this course, you will be completely certified to create the most beautiful MEGA VOLUMINOUS looks your clients desire! This class is only recommended to anyone already in the industry looking to expand their skills, or any individual who has already completed at least our classic eyelash extension class. We welcome anyone with prior knowledge looking to gain more as you can never learn too much!

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What to expect!

  •   Special Master Mega Volume lashing technique
  •   How to calculate how many lashes per fan you can to apply on your clients lash depending of their eye physiognomy.
  •   Make perfect lines
  •   Speed up your technique
  •   The perfect isolation
  •   Do’s and dont’s in the eye lashing
  •   Work easily in the inner and outer lid
  •   Certificate of completion
  •   Study guide and supply kit

Learning with us!

The entire course will be taught in detail by one of the most trained professionals in the industry!

Maiia has been in the business for several years now, runs her own successful company and has received training in various places around the world to obtain all the skills and knowledge she has.

You will be taught all the basic skills there is to know, as well as have the opportunity to receive one on one training from Maiia herself and some of her highly trained staff which will be there to guide you throughout the class and assist you with anything you may need.


Bonus: This course also includes a lesson of bottom eyelash extensions application

Approximate Income

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Class Cost



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  • * The eyebrow permanent makeup course is not refundable but can be transferred to another course
  • * Payment may be split into 2 payments but last payment must be paid 7 days before the scheduled course day
  • * For private classes call (212) 938-1188t o book your class