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Eyebrow Architecture Course

This class is perfect for makeup artist, permanent makeup artist, eyebrow wax technicians, eyebrow threading professionals in addition beginners. From this class you will get prospects for a career growth. This course includes the Certificate, an Starter Kit and snacks for the day.

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  •   How eyebrows evolved since the 1920’s
  •   Anatomy of the Eyebrow
  •   Anatomy of the face: Face diagnostics: symmetry, harmony and revealing of disproportions whether anatomy and structure of eyebrows.
  •   Types of face shapes and how to recognize them
  •   How is the eyebrow divided?
  •   Eyebrow shapes
  •   Eyebrow Classification
  •   Different techniques to create eyebrows
  •   Which Technique is better?
  •   Proper eyebrow color
  •   Eyebrows Facts.
  •   Trending techniques
  •   Why Eyebrows are so important?
  •   After care instructions
  •   Marketing and building your business
  •   Basic sterilization tools.

Learning with us!

The entire course will be taught in detail by one of the most trained professionals in the industry!

Maiia has been in the business for several years now, runs her own successful company and has received training in various places around the world to obtain all the skills and knowledge she has.

You will be taught all the basic skills there is to know, as well as have the opportunity to receive one on one training from Maiia herself and some of her highly trained staff which will be there to guide you throughout the class and assist you with anything you may need.


  •   Psycological/indivual aspects when working with clients.
  •   Hands set up.
  •   Diagnostic and correction eyebrow form to thin, scars, eyebrow hair loss, problems with skin.
  •   Waxing technique with modeling eyebrows.
  •   Working with tweezers, scissors.
  •   Eyebrow tinting technique with color.
  •   Practice on 1/2 models.

Approximate Income

Average cost of service
Weekly Income based on 15 clients
Gross Yearly Income (without tips)

Class Cost

  • * The eyebrow permanent makeup course is not refundable but can be transferred to another course
  • * Payment may be split into 2 payments but last payment must be paid 7 days before the scheduled course day
  • * For private classes call (212) 938-1188 to book your class



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